What did I do wrong?

I did an oil change on my bike, after getting it warm, the oil level was above the XX's on the dip stick.

I drain the oil and dump in 1.25L of Castrol GPS. Still not on the stick. I slowly add the remaining Litre of oil, only to have the oil barely show up on the dipstick.

None of its running out on the ground.... where is all this oil going?

What kind of bike?

Narf on my part.

07 WR450F

After the first quart you need to start it up to get it pumped into the oil tank. Its definatly over filled now.

Narf on my part.

07 WR450F

You have so grossly overfilled the bike with two liters you could cause damage. You are going to start blowing oil out of the breather into the air box if you don't pop a seal before. Drain all the oil out and only put 1 liter (max) back in (assuming you drained the filter cavity too), otherwise a little less (1 quart).

Right, I haven't started the bike...

So when does the oil level *ever* show up on the dip stick?

And the book quoted 1.25Litres for an oil change +filter

You have to run the bike to get the oil up into the tank after you fill it.

I was slowly working to that conclusion.

Thanks, Ill drain 750ml out and crank it up.

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