How many of you here...

Live in socal like near la im looking for people to ride with i know of 2 in my area and i only see them once in a great while let me know if you guys are looking to ride with someone

Where close to LA? Im in the High Dez

like glendora, covina west covina waln ut area probably dont know where im talking about, where in the high dez?

I'm in LA but I motarded my bike so I'm only riding on the street. Let me know if you ever want to cruise the canyons.

Victorville area

victorville is kinda close anyone else?

Phelan,, only sightly closer than Vic. hey Den,, we should ride..

hey xr 500 we go riding just about every weekend and we are in san dimas and covina let me know if sometime you wanna join us for a ride

rob :bonk:

yeah sounds good i live in covina, on covina so im like 2 minutes away, cant ride this weekend easter and all but next weekend definatly

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