Works Yamahas

Hmmm, bike #6 has what sure looks like a carb to me and the angle on #7 doesn't tell me much.

they still have a carb looking device but the fuel is injected where the carb connects the the motor after the carb

From that angle the swingarms look different to me.....

wuts up with that wr250? it looks like a street/enduro.

Hey check out those side covers. What is that? The one on the left #6 looks machined and totally diff. than #7....

the suzuki is fuel injected, check out the air box sensor on the intake boot.

wuts up with that wr250? it looks like a street/enduro.

Yeah it's called a "WR" but bares no relation to the off-roader.

It has a 4 valve engine that won't be anywhere near as highly tuned so they can give a years warranty.

did you guys see the yz with the all carbon fiber subframe and those are some nice bikes. the captions said one of them still had the carb but the other had the about that shorty exhaust too about that shorty exhaust too
10 to 1, it's technology similar to Flow Master's; the use of internal chambering to make sound waves cancel themselves out.

Check out Akira Norita's(#928) foot peg!:bonk: It looks like the bottom of a dragons jaw:eek:

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