J/D jetting kit??

Running the j/d jetting kit in my 04' 450f. I'm using the blue needle right now for between 47 and 60 degree weather. At what temperature should I switch to the red needle?? I would guess about 70 degrees or higher, but I'm not sure??? Let me know, thanx.:bonk:

In their kit for the 250F, the blue and red needles were for different altitudes, not temperature ranges. What do the instructions that came with it say? They're normally pretty informative.

^^^^ The instructions reference altitude and temperature ranges for the 250/426/450 applications.

I use the red needle year round. My bike sputters a little of the bottom end with the blue needle. Same with my wifes 250F, we use the red needle all the time also.

At my altitude - 900-1800ft I swap to the red needle at 65 and above.

The instructions were somewhat ambiguous, since they listed the red needle for High humidity and/or high temperature. So that's why I'm guessing the cutoff may be around 70 or so;not sure. I usually ride from Sea-level, to about 1800 feet above.

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