colorado riding areas

just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to ride right now on the front range near denver. i know grand junction is an option but i'm looking for something that can be good for day trips. any help would be appreciated.


Unfortunately, you are going to have to stick to the tracks in the area because of the snow. Rampart and Woodland Park are snowed in. You can try it but it would be quite the struggle in the snow. Plus you may run into the last of the Texas Seven.

Grand Junction probably would be ridable but that is about 4 hours west of Denver.

Went to Fay Myers today with a buddy, and picked up a brochure with some places a little east/north of here. I'd expect that they should/could be snow free. One was Watkins - 303-341-6109. Looks to be about 15 miles east.

There's also some north, Erie - 303-286-1813; Thunder vally at I70 and C470 - 303-697-1003; Leahy Family Farm - 970-587-5770; Dirt Valley Riders at berthoud - 303-477-6979.

I have no personal experience with any of these. However, if you find a good one, let me know.


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Both Watkins and Berthod are great places to ride. There are two tracks at Watkins, one that it more for the experienced rider and an intermediate track for the less skilled. Berthod has one track that is thumper friendly as well as a trail system behind that track. It also has a small supercross setup. They are both excellent options when the snows don't allow Rampart and mountain riding.

Hey Dougie. Did I tell you I finally went to Watkins? It was just after New Years day. I ran into that guy that works the parts department from Fay Myers and a pro rider that rides 125's for Fay Myers. It was a hoot! First time on a moto-x track.

My first laps were quite slow. But then I started to get the hang of it. The Fay Myers guys rode many of the laps with me on their 2 stroke Hondas. Of course they kept off the gas for the sake of the slow guy (me). But it was nice of them to ride with me. The pro guy was doing some nice whips and even a nac nac on some of the bigger tabletops.

Towards the end of the day, my straights and corners were feeling good and I could keep up pretty good through them. I also gained confidence on the jumps and even cleared some of the shorter table tops. However, those 2 strokers were hitting the jumps at speed and I wasn't ready for that quite yet. I backed off quite a bit on the jump faces.

I think the track was pretty worn down and the doubles weren't even tough, they were more like table tops. Very forgiving.

I can't wait to go back although I don't want to do it on a crowded weekend.

I also rode the intermediate track but got quickly bored with it.

Other thoughts:

1) I get a much better workout trail riding. Maybe it's because I wasn't hitting the jumps at full speed. My knees did get tired though.

2) I actually got a little bored with the same laps after a few hours.

It was fun but I like ripping past trees at speed a lot better. It's nice to have a bike that'll do both though.


Yep, I agree. Fun but gets boring after a while. I prefer a constant change of scenery. But in the winter, its great since we can't ride up higher. I always start the intermediate track until I get loosened up and I can clear everything, then move to the big boy track. I also prefer a less crowded track. Less chance to get hurt (or shown up :)).

As you have noticed, my emails to ride have been cut back quite a bit. Having a child will do that. But Shelley tells me I will be able to ride soon so I'll give you a call. If it doesn't snow that much this week, Me, Mike and Eric are thinking about Rampart.

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thanks for the phone numbers billy, i have tried to get them before with no luck. i have been to berthould twice in the last 2 weeks and it was great the second time on last tuesday. i will try one of the other tracks this week and let you know the conditions.

Pueblo Reservoir is supposedly great this time of year. I hope to go down that way this weekend but we'll see.

ROOSTN in Denver


i went to erie today just to mix it up a little from the berthould track. the conditions were great and they have some fun smaller tracks with tight berm sections and small tabletops. it really helped me get used to this beast but the main track was still a little to much for me. it looked great for the guys that were riding it balls out but once on it you should take care to clear all the tabletops as they are not that forgiving if you don't. i think berthould is more my style. that is to say smaller jumps and very forgiving if you don't want (or can't) clear the big hits. i also checked thunder valley out on the way out of the mountains and they are only open sat. and sun. for the winter season.

If anyone has been to rampart or left hand canyon reccently i would be interested in how the conditions are/were. i talked to a mechanic at yamaha on colfax and he said the southern exposures were good but the northern exposures were slick and snow covered. thanks for the info thus far.


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