Straightening Subframe

So I am in need of straightening my sub-frame on an XRR, it's sitting pretty well to the left from behind. I bought the bike used, and the guy assured me the tail sat to the side because of the "custom" rack that was on there.

At any rate, if memory serves me, a lot of guys will mention using a long pipe/board, and jamming on it to move it back. So what, you stick it down and leverage off of the wheel, off the swing arm........??? Seems to me I'd be asking for trouble in leveraging off of the wheel.............

Any other ideas on how to straighten aluminum?? Let's her them........not ready to shell out $280 until I know I "can't" fix it..........


There's a few subframes on Ebay. I used a pipe on the end of the subframe and just bent the frame over. It moved back after a while. Bought one at the dealer for 200 bucks with tax.

Strip the rear.

2 guys, 1 large pipe.

1 hold, 1 bend- works every time.

A lot less than $200.

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