From the pavement to the Dirt

well been a lurker now for quite sometime, as things have it my situation has changed. I just got a new job driving for Coast Mountain Bus Co. in vancouver Canada and seeing as I need to keep my licence clean I decided to sell the ticket machine, my 04 Z750 and in turn return to the dirt where no cops are hidding around that bend when your doing 120 mph :naughty: So I bought a 01 XR650R havent got to ride it yet because it is getting the street package done so I can plate it. I know it sounds sweet after you get it running :D see I have never had to kick start a street bike since my old rz350 o well I am sure I will figure it out. Just wanted to say what a great resource this website has been so far! and I am just getting started...:bonk: Here are some pics of the new BRP



sad to see it go but...



Welcome to TT, and congratulations on the new bike! :naughty::bonk:

Congrats on the sweet ride, Im running an 01 as well. Awesome bikes, and dont worry about the kick start, its not as scary as most people make it sound. Just make sure its uncorked, and jetted right as Im sure you know.

For starting what works for me is to gently push(not kick) the kickstarter a few times untill you feel it come to the compression. pull in the de-comp lever(above the clutch) and push kickstarter just enough to rotate the engine a few degrees, release the decomp lever, bring the kickstart up the the top again, and give a good smooth full kick. (its not necessary to jump up and come down on starter with full force, that just results in your foot slipping off the lever and it will catch you in the shin when it swings back). Every bike has its own "ritual" for starting, once you figure yours out, its really easy.

Welcome to TT, lots of good info on BRP, ride on...:bonk:

welcome to the club, great looking bike. i recommend rewinding you stator yourself (lots of info available) and get a different headlight (bajadesigns), not that i am putting your bike down or anything but i had the same light and it is not very bright at night and you can't put a brighter bulb in it due to it being plastic. you will be much happier. stator seems scary but just go for it, you'll be happy you did.

Nice bike sawman, I just bought an 01 650l from the same dealer(Daytona) a month ago. Check out the forum on for some local rides, see ya on the trails!

I tried two different drop down's for a plate, both of which flexed enough the get caught by the tire and got ripped off. Even when I re-enforced the rear fender with 3, 1"x3/16" aluminum strips. I finally went with the easy method of bolting the plate to the top of the fender, haven't have an issue since.

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