yz426, yz450, or yz250?

thinking of purchasing a new dirtbike. my current rm125 gives me so many problems that im wrenching more than riding :bonk: . my dealer has all 3 used. the 250 and 426 are 2001 and the 450 is a 03. could you guys give some input on pros and cons of the three. this bike will be about 99.8% trail ridden with some fields. thanks

oh yeah the yz250 is $1950 the yz426 is $2500 and the yz450 is 2850

also could you guys suggest which of these bikes is best for a fairly inexperienced rider. i only got to ride the rm a handful of times in between working on it. though i do have 5 years of sportbike riding experience if that helps at all

go with the 450 you will be amazed with the power

I have the yz426 in a 2001. The price seems high. Mine's spotless, came with a new front tire (unmounted) with plenty on the existing one and FMF pike with stocker included for $1600. Might want to shop around for private sale.

Love the bike. Doesn't like to go slow, so unless you're comfortable or change the bike to handle the woods, might be a steep learning curve, but you won't be disappointed and with what I've seen here, there are simple mods that can tame the beast. Good luck. -JT


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