YZ 400 or YZ 426?

Go with the 426 it is a better bike. I would try to talk them down on the price though.

The 426 looks really clean. All the YZF's are very reliable when properly maintained. Bone stock, the suspension sucks and needs revalved. 426's have nearly the same power as a newer 450.

Remember, its 90% rider, 10% bike.

I would go for the 426, better clutch, titanium valves, and with 14-52 gearing you wont be losing any drag races out of the corners. I would try and talk them down a little on price, what they are asking is over blue book, but that happens when bikes are for sale in the spring.


YZ426F u well never look back :worthy::thumbsup:

I would go with the 426. By 2001 they had pretty much all the kinks worked out and they were/are very reliable machines as long as they've been maintained. Not that the '98-01 bikes were bad, but the '01 and newer are better and more refined.

Handling is very stable on these bikes. They are deffinatley not what you would call flickable, but they are predictable and smooth. The forks are a couple generations old now and you can tell compared to the new stuff.

Powerwise, both will totally smoke a 250f. The 426 is definately a step up from the 400 and not too far off from current 450's.

Personally I would go with the newest and best maintained bike I could find. These bikes are getting a little older now and if they weren't maintained you could find yourself dropping a lot of coin in repair costs.

Good luck!

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