how many links in our chains

I have 14-52 gearing. what is the chain length

520 X ???? So noone knows this. can someone please help

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dosen't anyone know


MY 13/53 -14/53 requires 113 links.

Stock should be around 110.

Bonzai :)

My manual says the stock chain is a 520 x 114. That's 114 links, right?

I don't know your stock chain length but here's some tips.

(1) Count the total number of pins/holes. That is your number of links.

(2) Just order a 120 link chain and cut it to fit yourself.

(3) Buy an extra master link if you screw up cutting it. It's OK to ride with more than one master.

(4) Get the motion pro chain breaker (not the mini) - well worth the $25 or so.


Steve T


Originally posted by SoCalWR426:


If you know just "tell me"

thanks to all the others

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