Stock clutch on 06 yz450f

I race three weekends a month and was wondering how long will the stock clutch probally last before I have to buy new plates and basket?:bonk:

Iv'e had my bike (06 YZ 450F SE) 1 year now & still on the original clutch. I usually ride every weekend except during the hot summer months, but we still go to some tracks at night during the summer for practice. I raced 5 rounds of the CMC Golden State Series 2 months ago & my hour meter now shows 107 hrs since new. I run Yamalube 4R & try not to hammer the clutch too much. Yamaha builds good stuff:thumbsup:

I have owned a 2000 YZ426, 04 YZ450 and now I have a 07 YZ450. With the 426 I never changed the clutch in four years. I bought a replacement kit for it and waited for the clutch to go bad, it never did. On the 04 I changed the clutch mid season the second year I had it, not that it really needed it done. I used an after market kit and man was that a mistake, it would start to fade 3 laps in to a race. After two weeks of this I switched back to Yamaha clutch. So what I'm saying is don't worry about it until you smell the clutch burning up, stick with Yamaha clutch parts and you'll be much happier.

Thanks for the input guy's!> Helpful info

It's going to be very dependent on your riding style. I ride mine more like a 2 stroke than most 2 stroke guys do, so I got about 6 months out of mine. 2 days a week at the track, with lots of laps. Trying aftermarket parts this time, and hoping to work on my technique a little bit! :bonk:

My clutch on my 07' only lasted 5 (desert racing) months. But I also ride it like a 2-stroke and 3 of those races where National Hare & Hounds.

Yeh.....I ride mine like a 2 stroke to,so I guess I'll have to wait and see when it's time to take a look at it.

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