Will a CRF front fender fit the XRL?

Will a CRF front fender fit the XRL? :bonk:

Simple as that..

Thanks for the help.:naughty:

not sure, probably with a little trimming. the crf fender(rear) fits nice with a little trim tho.

You must shim it for the electrical to run between the fender and lower part of the fork clamp or re-route it. But even re-routed you must shim it a little for the fender to clear the exhaust header.


I have a front and rear on my xr600r

sure it will like the man says just add some spacers to clear the wires,I don't recomend moving the wire harrness I tryed that and it was a little snug.heres some pics I also run a front crf and rear fender.

2 003.jpg

2 002.jpg

2 006.jpg


XR 250 bolts right on and looks good



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