Keyed Ignition, Bajadesigns install in place of push button?

I picked up a Bajadesigns keyed ignition to replace the push button ignition. I see the push button has 4 wires on its plug, the keyed ignition only has 2. I was planning on using the factory plug by removing the factory wires and inserting the keyed wires in there place, but I'm not sure which 2 of the four wires in the plug I should be using?

Picture of the ignition...


check the manual to see what 2 wires you need to use, im at work now so i can't check for you.

Ok I think I found it in the online manual. On the plug, it looks like the red wire(+), and the brown wire (-). The Red/black wire and the black wire appear to be for the indicator light on the ignition.

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