99 WR caliper spacer?

I have a set of 03 WR rims I just picked up and they have larger disc than my 99 rims. My 99 disc rotors are both warped a bit so I would rather get a second set of larger newer disc and space the callipers out. Any one know of a good kit for a good price?

Anyone know if I can just use a stock 426 caliper mount? Is it the mount or the calliper itself acomadates the larger rotor dia?

I'm assuming you already got this sorted, but in any case....

You'll have to figure out what the diameter of the rotor is, or what the bracket you have was made for. So far, I'm aware of 270mm, 280mm, and 320mm kits made for the WR.

There are two types of mounting brackets you can use. One, which replaces the actual caliper bracket that's part of the stock caliper. The other is an adapter bracket that will go in between your stock caliper mount and the fork caliper mount.

I've heard the best solution (from a supermoto standpoint) is to use the EBC Supermoto 320mm disc with the EBC caliper mount from the honda...this will be a 1-piece solution, as opposed to the standard 2pc offered by EBC.

I was under the impression that the front brake disc diameter was the same for the 400 and 426, so the caliper mount will be interchangeable, but still won't help if your stock one doesn't fit the disc that's on there...

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