Riding in CA with an out of state registered bike?

If I want to ride in CA with a bike that has been registered in Oregon, is there anything special I need to be aware of in order to comply with CA state law? What happens if I return to ride in the state 2-3 times per year?


When I first moved to Ca in '90 I still had a michigan green sticker.

I never had a problem and the rangers that checked me out at that time just wanted to see a current reg.

Living in Washington and traveling to California to ride off road over the years, I once stopped in at the DMV and was told that as long as my bike meets my resident state's requiremnts, that was sufficient. That was about 5 or 6 years ago and I have never had any problems. But I have also never been stopped or asked while riding.


As long as you have a OR drivers license to back up the OR registration you are golden. No preblemo whatsoever. I've been on vacation here in SoCal for some time now (years) without a single incident. Oh I have been stopped and checked, but the drivers license is the key.

Ron vacationing in SoCal from OR. :)

OK, technically, there is an out of state regeistration "fee" that you can pay at DMV and there is definately no hassle. I believe that comes with an out of state sticker / paperwork. The out of state license and registration will go pretty far but once residency is established in CA then you have to change your drivers license.

Good luck


Hi Bryan,

Went down to hollister hills svra in october.

I called beforehand and said they would honor

the Washington ORV Tag. When I got there they didn't say a word or blink an eye, they just looked at my exhaust( which is stock ) and said $8.00 please for 2 days and overnite camping( chilly ). I'm planning on another trip to Hollister in late Feb.

Have fun!


if you show proof of out of state residents and bike have current out of state reg. you can pay $22 out of state fee and get a sticker good for whole riding season.the only problem is finding place that has stickers.most closed course tracks will have them should be able to get them at any sanctioned race.

Bryan, Are you coming to California soon??? Im curious. If so I could take you on a loop that you'de talk about for years..... Where we go you wouldn't have to worry about no stinkin stickers.... :)

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