I done the maxima 927 castor in gas!!!

And boy was the smell of castor fine!:naughty: > Everyone should use a cap full of castor in 5gal of gas.... It will make those 4strokes smell so so....good!:bonk:

Man I feel retarded, but what the hell does it smell like?:bonk:

like a 2 stroke haha

Is there any other benefit aside from the smell? Just wondering?

^^^ At a cap full per 5gal can, I'd say no ... I used it on my 93' cr250 for obvious reasons, and it smelled fantastic ... Never used it in the 4-smoke though ...

Does it really make it smell like a 2-stroke. Why in the hell would anyone want their prestine thumper to smell like a friggen smoker. :bonk: Oh, I am apalled. :naughty::D:bonk::p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :lol::D:p :p :p :p :lol::D

i noe tat after using castor based oil & u left it there for a few weeks it might gum up the rings&stuff,


how would it "gum up the rings" in a 4 stroke but not a 2 stroke?

black and blue, some people miss the days of real bikes. I win.

Back in the day when the two strokes couldn't win anything because there was no 250 class in MX yet, four strokes ran Castrol R in the crankcase, and the tiny amount of oil that worked its way into the combustion chambers of the Goldstars and Matchlesses had that same smell. No gummed up rings, BTW.

Along the lines of "that great bean oil smell", I just saw Blendzall onthe shelves of Cycle Gear. I haven't seen a can of that in years!

Is there any other benefit aside from the smell? Just wondering?

it will help lube the valves:thumbsup: a little because the gas you put in your four stroke is the only lube you get for your valves!:naughty: > and just a cap full to 5 gallons of gas is not enough to hurt anything and you'll get the good smell of castor with it.:bonk:

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