Any dual sport xr riders around SE Michigan

I live in Pinckney, MI any other xr rider out there from My area?? A local dirt road ride would be pretty cool!

I live in Byron, and i ride all the dirt roads around my place quite frequently

I live in Ferndale, but have friends in Pinckney and around Byron. My current ride is a plated XR4, but I hope to have my XRR done within the month...

I'd be up for a tour of the cool roads in either of those places :bonk:

I used to ride my Xr6 DS around Mich, but realized that Motorcycling is best enjoyed year round...

See Yaaaaa!

Formerly of Lake Orion

You may want to try a thread like this in the regions forum, and hey spring is coming and then you can really enjoy the perfect riding conditions. Here in North Florida (not to be confused with south of Gainesville, Florida) we went from winter straight to summer, and we need rain bad! :bonk:

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