No front brake!!!!!

My brother just bought a 01 426 but the front brake does not work. We have hooked the bleeder hose up , put the end submerged in brake fluid,pumped the lever to det rid of any air in the line but no pressure will build up. Fluid will flow through the tube with some air bubbles but you would think after pumping the lever a hundred times the pistons might move just a little, but no go. There are no other leaks where fluid is dripping anywhere along the line so we are not sure what to do next. Any suggestions?

Try a master cylinder rebuild kit (oem). Also, make yourself a reverse bleeder. Pushing the fluid "up" to resevior also pushes air in the direction it wants to go!. Good luck!

The only way I've had good luck with bleeding brakes is by using a vacuum bleeder. Mighty-Vac makes one thats reasonably priced.

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