06' YZ 450 vs 03'-05' YZ 450

I just baught a brand new 06' 450 and am going to pick it up today. I know they are claimed dry weight of 220#, but how much lighter is this than the 03'-05' 450's......I am not sure what they weighed.



If I remember correctly, the 03-05 era 450F weighed in at about 228???? Pound for pound not much of a difference, but between the tamed down engine and all new alum. frame, it is a much better bike.

My 04' yz450f is listed at 222lbs, though with a full tank of fuel I've been on a scale at 241lbs ... I'd figure I'll loose about 15lbs for a click under 2gal of gas, so maybe an over-all dry weight of 226lbs or so ... Sorry, never actually weighed it dry ...

The '06 is ONE pound lighter than an '04/'05. However, when you ride it, it feels like 35 pounds, and that is the whole point.

The '06 feels like a 2 smoker as far as "flickability" and weight concerns go. Went from an '02 yz250 smoker to the '06 and barely missed a beat. 450 is the most awesome bike I have ever been on.

Grayracer is correct. It's not the actual numbers it's the feel. I had an 03, day and night to the 06. 35 pounds and they must have moved it all to the bottom of the bike.

If you really want to feel a weight difference, ride a 426 for a while THEN hop on the 06 450! I loved my old 00 426, but my 06 is just so much nicer and different that I don't really regret switching over, except that I think the 426 was a tiny bit better suited for woods riding because it rode smoother over the rocks (probably from the extra weight!)

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