Jetting Question on 2002 WR426??

I'm experiencing a occasional pop or mild backfire when my bike is run for the first approx. 30 minutes and I close the throttle quickly. Also, a friend commented that my plug looks slightly lean but that he wouldn't worry about it. Typically, I'm running with the stock exhaust baffle removed at Ocotillo Wells. Is this something to worry about and should I make a jetting adjustment or is this pretty normal?? :)

Try tweaking your fuel screw out a half turn and see what happens. If you are over 2.5 turns from fully closed, then you should maybe richen the low end and go up to the next pilot jet.


Post your exact jetting (if you changed it from stock at all) and the CA folks can really help you get dialed in. There may be significant improvements you can make!

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