650r 46t rear sprocket?

i heard 14-46 gearing would be good for the dunes. anyone know where/have a46t rear sprocket for cheap. found a renthal for 55 but thought i would see where you guys get yours. thanks


Try Sprocket Specialists. They always have what I want. I run 16/44 with supermoto setup and 15/45 with DS setup. I'm guessing they will have a 16t at a reasonable price. Both my orders shipped pronto.

Yes, in fact a 14/46 gear setup with the stock length 110 link chain works great. It sets the wheel back enough for the paddles to clear with plenty of room, especially for high speed runs, (high tire spin speeds = tire expansion) and is actually a good gear choice for the XR650R in the dunes.

Aluminum sprockets don't last very long for dune use. I have been through a few of them. I don't like standard heavy steel sprockets so that is why I have used the aluminum. After just a couple multi day trips in the dunes though, the aluminum sprockets are pretty worn or simply finished.

The best prices for aluminum sprockets I have found are the Primary drive aluminum sprockets from Rocky Mountian at $34.99.

I plan on getting a Ironman or Stealth sprocket for the light weight and steel teeth for use in the dunes on my future trips. I think after a few trips is where you will start to see the savings.

An Ironman will run you $89 or a stealth will run $79.



You can get a whole set up, rk xring chain and JT steel sprockets on ebay from the seller Dirtparts, any gearing you want for $90.

Or if money is not an object ( I know you said cheap) the sidewinder Ti-moly sprockets are supposed to be indestructable, and should be for the price.

14-48 = 3.43 final-drive ratio (48/14=3.429)

14-46 = 3.29 ratio

15-48 = 3.20 ratio

What the result gearing means is the counter-shaft sprocket spins 3.43, or X.XX times per rotation of the wheel sprocket.

If your chain & sprockets are fairly new, it's much cheaper to change the counter-shaft sprocket, but it's a much larger difference.

Heed my warning. With the power of this bike, buy a STEEL sprocket. Your best bet is a SunStar. Buying a SunStar as an after-market part will be cheaper, but it's the same exact sprocket as the factory Honda part.

the problem with going 15/48 is that the rear wheel is moved forward, and I think the idea here is that you need it further back to run a big fat paddle in the sand.

That said, I've never put one on a 650, but that's what I've been hearing.

Yep, I ran 15/48 for a recreational Baja trip and the rear tire had to be moved very close to the front of the slot. I have also used the Renthal aluminum rear sprockets on my 650R since I got it and get fair life out of them.


This is a friend's real world experience with a Renthal sprockets.

My cousins stock, SunStar steel rear sprocket lasted 2000+ off-road miles on a uncorked WR450. It still had plenty of life. He wanted to change the gearing of his bike, and bought a Renthal sprocket. The soft aluminum was destroyed in less than 1000 off-road miles, but the countershaft sprocket, still stock with 3000 miles on it, wasn't in too bad of shape.

On my 650R, my stock sprocket lasted 3000 off-road miles. I must have picked up a rock, because I broke a tooth. Shortly after, the tooth right next to it broke, so I decided to replace both sprockets & the chain. I bought a DID X-Ring 520VM chain, their "top of the line" at the time. I also bought SunStar stock sprockets. I guess the chain is making a big difference because I now have 4500 miles (3000 off-road) on this chain & sprockets. They appear to be in excellent condition for the mileage. I estimate I won't have an issue for at least another 1500 miles.

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