04 yz450f spark plug

i dont know about you guy/girls but i just bought my 04 yz450F and once i got it home i was looking it over kinda admiring my purchase and i looked at the engine and to me it looks like it is almost impossible to change the spark plug without having to take the tank and seat off.:bonk: so if there is an easier way than that i would really appreciate the advise, my spark plug is fine now but i would like to know so i can change it when i service my bike.

so if there is an easier way than that i would really appreciate the advise,
Well, there's not. :bonk:

Mine has a special little spark plug tool that came with the bike (I bought it used). I don't have to remove the tank to pull out the plug.

The good news is that it being a Yamaha, you won't NEED to take that plug out very often..........Keep changing the oil and oil filter, and keeping the Air filter cleaned/oiled, and that's it.

Now if it were a Honda, it would be a different story.......

Yup, You have to take the tank/shrouds/seat off.

Hey buddie, welcome to team blue! I would suggest your buy a clymer service/maintenance catolag and use iridium spark plugs. These plugs arent cheap BUT they burn much hotter and make the bike run/start better and I feel they last much longer. A billy who brand oil changing funnle is also a must and pre-oiled air filters make filter changes a breeze. These things make keeping your bike maintained MUCH MUCH easier. Trust me on this. Maintenance on there 4 strokes is something you will need to enjoy doing cause you will be doing it often, especially compared to 2 strokes. -JR

Nope, it all has to come off !!

Mine has a special little spark plug tool that came with the bike (I bought it used). I don't have to remove the tank to pull out the plug.

I can do that, too, but the question was whether or not it's easier than pulling the tank, and, IMO, it's not.

it all comes off an use a deep well 5/8 socket and two three inch extensions and it works real easily

Bump.... PLEASE ?

Bought an Iridium plug, and poof... tank's off. Yet how on earth are ya getting

a deep well (plug) socket and even one of the 3" extensions in the head well ?

The alignment of frame and plug well lines right up, can't seam to get enough

angle to get socket and even one extension in to access the plug.

Any trick / suggestion would be greatly appreciated !! Or,

Anyone have a pic. or part number regarding the spark plug tool mentioned ?

Put on new sprocks & chain, and some maint., so thought this would be no

problem to access w/ tank off.. yet lines right up w/ frame and honestly

don't get the "ease" of access.

For anyone simply looking at this thread regarding the 2004 YZ450F spark

plug and tank removal....

Also, anyone thinking taking the tank off is sooooo easy. Compare to any,

FIRST... close your fuel valve and run bike till it dies. Poof, no gas in line.

Remove the line from the CARB elbow. No need to pinch line / valves closed.

Pull plastic / seat / and unbolt tank & U-clip from where seat ends, then

just lift tank off frame and set aside. Same amount of time this took to type.

If ONLY I could master "access" downn into the head cover >>>>

You need one of the semi-swivel ended extensions, the ones where the square drive is ground into a sort of barrel shape. Motion Pro makes a plug socket set for four strokes that's very versatile and works well, too.

Racer Gray...

Of anyone that I hoped would reply... greatly appreciate.

Actually, right after I wrote up last night, went back in garage and stared at

my dismall collection of tools.... ah... a simple swivel just may do the trick.

Worked great.... so deep plug socket + swivel + 3" ext. worked perfectly.

Was all ready to ride today...... ran up-down street this a.m. to check new

sprok's and chain, then relieved air in forks then tied down & off to ride ONLY

to get to riding area and NOW one of my front forks (when compressed) is

running out fluid (looked like a mini-BP spill in my trailer rail).

So.... onto next project.

Sure I'll have some ?'s in another thread on this one....

Back on now looking for some Front Fork seal tips.

Again, greatly appreciate reply... and ++ your info. on other threads I used for

some gearing change / suggestions.

Geoff T.


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