Performance CDI Box-Worth It?

I have been thinking about upgrading/changing out my CDI box on my bike.

If this is a worthwhile update, I will move forward.

Are there anythings that I need to be concerned about with this mod?

If for no other reason, I can do the update, and then keep the old CDI box in case of an emergency.

What kind of bike do you have ?

What is the new cdi box going to do for you?

and yes keep the old CDI box in case of an emergency.


You have a xr650L correct? I have yet to see a performance cdi for this bike. Who makes one, and is it plug and play? Though I have heard of people using the xr600r box, and stator, with other items to make it all work together. Results were pretty impressive. Though I dont see that all the tweaking and such as a worthwhile effort and question the durability, with the added chore of the electric start. :bonk:

Actually, I have the XR600R. '93 Model year.

I own a 96. I just sold mine on ebay yesterday. I used it once to see what it was like. I plugged it in and started the bike. It idled nice but when you rode it it was fine till the engine got to its mid power band and then it was like you got hit by a train and the bike took off like a rocker. I have trail tech vapor computer on my bike and when the tach got to 6000rpm is when it hit hard. I guess if you all out race it would be good, but I like to ride trails and I thought it was just to much for a trail. If you were to get an I-kat to replace your factoery plug boot, thats a good mod in itself. My 2 cents on the deal.

If you have the 600 I would leave well enough alone! :bonk::naughty:

What is an IKat?

Yes, what the hell is an Ikat someone???

It puts a capacator in the spark plug wire. Suppose to do all kind of wonderful things. I've never seen any empirical proof of it working,just people saying it felt better. Here's a link to the web site

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