New hub, what else do I need?

Okay, I posted a thread a few days back about buyying a rear hub for the best price possible. I have decided to go with the TT-store as they have the hub for $86.

My question is, must I replace all of the bearings etc? Adding them brought the price up near the 170 range with the bearings, oil seals, center spacer, and circlip.

I'm not sure if I would even be able to get these items out, much less re-use them (thats why I'm asking). So is it worth a shot, or do I need to bite the bullet and order it all? If it helps they should not have been affected by the reason I need a new hub (sprocket broke off taking part of the hub with it).

If I do need to replace it all, does this list have everything I need?


2 oil seals (different part numbers)

2 bearings (different part numbers)

1 spacer/bearing

1 Circlip

I just want to make sure I dont screw up my order.

If your carefull and can get it apart i would reuse it all....If anything id pull them out and go to a bearing shop theyll have seals and bearing at half the price....And use the stock spacer and circlip...But if all is well take em out very carefully and use em all again ...

Sounds good, I'll hold of on ordering all of that stuff untill I can take a good look at everything out of the hub. It will be a couple of weeks (bike stays at parents house, which is 2 hours away).

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