Sumter Enduro... Yamakaze?

Yamakazi, I noticed your SETRA # in your signature. Did you make it to the Sumter Enduro this weekend? I went to try it out... my first enduro didn't end up so good. I lost the rear axle nut and chain adjuster at about 40 miles in. That pissed me off so bad. I think I would have done decent in my class if I could have finished. I was pitted right next to Randy Hawkins and I must say that he is a really down to earth guy. I did not expect the trail to be quite as tight as it was, but I'll know what to prepare for next time. Are you, or anyone else for that matter, going to do the lowcountry hare scramble in february?

I've taken the last three months off to rehab a torn right calf muscle (Motocross Accident) and to get a coronary artery cleared. I'm Planning to race the Paridise Park GNCC, and Loretta Lynn's GNCC, so far....They are trying to talk me into the Lowcountry run, but I want to see how my endurance is at the Barnesville Poker Run next weekend before I commit.

Bonzai :)

Cool. How is paradise park? That's one I'm thinking about doing, but I'm going to try my luck at the lowcountry run, first.

Paradise park is awesome! Some tight stuff some wide open...Very challenging...Lots of fun. Don't run more than 13lbs in your tires or you'll wind up with the walking wounded. This years run will be a super hang-on...can't wait!

Bonzai :)

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