'98 wheels on newer WR?

I have some motard wheels for the '98 wr400. The guy I bought them off of had some sort of adapter/spacers and was running them on an '02 machine. I did not get these spacers and have no way of getting in touch with the guy (florida SM racer guy, you out there?) I am wondering if there is a way to run these wheels on an '05 wr450.

I am pretty sure that the rear axle of the '98 was smaller, as is the front brake rotor. I expect that the speedometer pickup/spacer is different on the front as well.

As I recall the guy was running the smaller diameter rear axle, with bushings that made it fit into the swingarm.

Is anyone out there doing something like this?



I am wondering if there is a way to run these wheels on an '05 wr450.

Depends on how much time/money you are willing to spend. I am currently in the process of adapting a set of Suzuki 250 Bandit wheels onto my WR426. I am going to run a smaller real axle (20mm instead of 22mm) and just going to get a couple spacers made up to to fit, of course it helps when your dad knows engineers that can do it for free:thumbsup:. Also for the front I'm gonna have to get the actual wheel machined for the speedo drive.

I'll post up some pictures of it when it's all done:ride:

If you run into big probs, sell them to me...! :bonk:

I dont think the stock 98 axle is smaller. Check the part numbers on http://www.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/oem-nav~submit_from_stage~3~section_dept_id~1~model_dept_mfr~Yamaha.asp

to be sure. Its sounds like your moto wheels however like most street bikes axles are smaller. I ran into the same issue when I was looking at fitting up a set of Ninja mags I had laying around to my 99 WR. I would have had to drill out or make some adaptors to fit the sprocket and eliminate the cush drive, bush the axle and thats about it. As far as spedos go, whats wrong with you? Get an $80 trail tech electronic pickup computer and keep the cockpit and the bike lean. Even a bicycle computer works but the trailtech setups are much more beffy and set up for motorcycles. Cool features like maint and oil preset intervals and corse milage adjustment, I just stuck one on my WR and hucked like 2 lbs off the front of the bike between the hudge stok odo head and the cable.

Thanks for the good responses. I think that my original post may be difficult to understand, I will try to restate it simpler.

I have motard wheels that are built up using wr400 hubs. I cannot lay my hands on them at this time, the wheels are about 5 hours away. I recently picked up a '05 wr450. As this is the WR forum, I was wondering if anyone knows the actual differences, and therefore the obstacles to making these wheels work on the newer bike... better yet knows reasonable solutions for the differences.

The things that I *think* are obstacles include rear axle diameter, front brake rotor diameter, and front wheel spacing due to a different speedo pickup. There *are* different rear axle part numbers for '98, '99-'04, '05, and '06. (ie: '99-'04 use the same axle).

I imagine that I can deal with the front rotor diameter (the SM wheel has a 320mm rotor) by making a new caliper adapter. I can also make new front spacers to overcome the different speedo drive. As I said, I think that the '98 axle is a smaller diameter, and if so I should be able to run the smaller axle and bush the swingarm to make it work.

I was simply asking the WR list if:

1. the differences I state are valid.

2. there are any other differences.

3. there are known solutions to above problems.

Thanks again,



The 98 rear hub does indeed have the smaller diameter axle. If I recall correctly, the difference is 2mm. You could make a thin bushing for the 98 axle and your later model swingarm, but I think you'll have better results installing larger ID bearings in the hub and running your 05 axle.

Good luck,


Thanks Scott. Do you know if this has been done? If so, can anyone point me at the correct bearings? Are they simply the bearings out of a newer machine?

Does anyone know what the difference between '04 and '05 is?




Check out http://www.pivotworks.com/search.asp

They show the bearing sizes as follows:

98: 20x42x12 for all three bearings

99-07 rear wheel bearing kits are all the same part number and use

one 22x44x12 and one 22x50x14

What you need to convert the 98 wheel to a later model axle and swingarm is to replace the three 20x42x12 bearings with three 22x42x12 bearings. Recommend you call Pivot Works directly (or another supplier like All Balls) and see if they can hook you up with what you need.

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