Carb Idea

OK i was at the shop(Mach 2 in Fernley) and we checked the valves on a kxf450....Well on top of the flat slide on the top cap theres a little oval plate with 2 3mm allens.Take it off and get to the needle from the top without removing the whole cover...Was really easy kinda kool...WOuld be very very easy to swap the whole cap from that stlye carb to just about any 450 flat slide(i think).I guess once we get jetted good wouldnt be a need but i thought it was very well thought out by the engineers....Well im not a huge Kawi fan but man what an easy valve check....Remove 2 shroud bolts and tank bolts and fuel line pull off tank and BAM 3 10mm screws and the valve are in your hand...Way to go KAWI....also did 06 yam wr450 and UHGGGGGG PITA for sure...

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