07 WR 450 leaking

Hi I've done about 120miles on my wr and notice alot of weaps one is the oil filter cover that i can't sean to stop maybe a bigger o ring will help.

two is the oil breather that is below the oil filter is leaking were it goes into case, and is that pressed in or is there a way to fix it.

three the Y for the radiator hear the water pump is leaking maybe a bigger o ring there too.

four there is a leak around the adjuster on the shock reservoir

has anyone else had these leaks and how did they fix them

I see some small seepage when i go on a really dusty ride, but other than that, nothing really.


I also have the 07 and haven't seen any of those leaks?? I think I'd be headed back to your dealer...

Good luck.

I have a 07 WR450 also and I do not have any of those problems, I have changed the oil 3 times and no leaks. I would call Yamaha about all those problems on a new bike!

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