Hello..noob here..handle bar questions

First want to say thanks to all you guys for the great info you so freely share.

I've just come back to the two wheel world after a 20 yr hiatus. Been playing with quads the last 14 yrs and am just plain bored with them.

Went out and bought myself an 05 wr450 in new condition and have been spending sheckels like crazy trying to get it set up for me.

I'm currently working on the ergonomics, the problem right now is handle bar heigth. The piece of info that I need is what comes stock? I.E. Rise and bend?

If I could find the stock #'s I could go from there.

The problem is when I stand. These bars put me in a hunched stance, or leaned forward with my lower back bent. Makes me kinda have to look up thru my visor. Broke my neck here about 8 yrs ago and it don't have the same articulation if you know what I mean...lol.

Appreciate the replies fellas!

Pro Taper has about as complete a listing of this stuff as anyone. The YZ High is in reality pretty much like the OEM YZ bend of '05 and before, maybe 3-5mm higher.

I prefer the Reed/Henry bars (I'm 5'10"), my 6'3" son likes the Windhams.

i went with the windham bend, and they are too high.. i am 6'0 reed/henry would have been the best pick

I am 6ft3 and I run the whindham bend and always have.Ran it on my 04,05,06 and now my 07 as well.Then Renthal Twinwall bars take a beating and are real hard to bend.

I was tired of bending my bars, so I went from Pro-Taper(Henry/Reed bend)to the Renthal Twin Wall. The bends are different for each brand. I got the R.C./Larocco bend for the Twin Wall, which is taller than the R.C. bend on the Tapers. So far I love them, and they look SWEET.

Just realized I put this in the YZ section. DOH! Sorry fellas I'll be more careful.

Thanks for the replies though! I'm 6'0" and it sounds like the windham bend and rise should do the trick.

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