18 80/140 michelin

Will a 18 80/140 fit ok on my xr650r?

it is wider but lower profile than the 100/110 that is on it now. reason I am asking is m neighbor bought one for me and is like new. the one that is on it is a dunlop 100/110 but the knobs are rounded and the rear on mud and hardpack is all over the place.

will the 140 be too wide? will the 80 profile be too small and what gearing changes will it make? smaller tire should give less top end speed but a bit more torque am I correct?

Yes it will fit, might need to trim the chain side outer knobs by a couple of mm if they catch the chain by much, the Baja will fit without trimming but the Desert might need trimming for piece of mind.

Dont worry about the different profile - the Dunlop should be 110mm high and the Michelin should be 112mm high so there will be very little difference when fitted and inflated.

Both the Desert and the Baja get a little skatey when they wear down a bit,nothing too bad - the AC10 seems to be worse, but are good when they are new and drive really well in loose stuff.


I have that same tire, 140/80-18 S12, on my 600R. It was pretty close to the stock tire size (110/100-18 IRC VR-35) for rolling diameter.

I'm pretty sure that the 600R/650R have about the same swingarm clearance and the 140/80 eats the top of my chain guard. Now that the part that rubs is worn away, it doesn't rub anymore.

Edit: Rumor has it that the Michelin tires are sized... differently. The 130/90-18 is really a 110/90 and the 140/80-18 is really a 120/80-18. I rolled up a mounted 150/90-18 next to the S12 and they were pretty close in width but the 150/90 was about 1/2" taller so who knows.


Thank you for all the replies. the tire is an enduro pro or something but looks similar to the dunlop 656 or 659 or something like that. *too cold to go in the garage to look* My Dunlop knobs are all rounded and the michilin has like knew nice sharp knobs on it. The beast likes to eat tires for breakfast. Just looking for soemthing that will at least feed the beast through supper.

Tired of the rear sliding all over the place with even a little throttle turn. Also I ride a lot in the deep sand and what a tire tht will push it well through the sand. Heard the maxxis tire is a good one but lots of bills coming so will have to wait

Yep it will fit just watched a guy put one on last week.

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