stall question on a 2001 yz426

hey guys im kinda new to this bike and while riding today and braking hard coming into a turn i stalled the bike a few times is there a way to roll start this bike?

If you put in an auto-decomp cam, not only can you roll start it, but you won't stall stuffing it into corners! Apart from that, clutch, clutch, clutch. After a bit, you will get the hang of when it's gonna stall, and can slip the clutch and give it some gas. As for roll starting, 3rd or 4th gerar sometimes works, otherwise, there's just too much compression.

I put mine in 2nd or 3rd and pull the decomp. lever then pop the clutch every time...good luck

just learn to rip the clutch. me and my friends made a trail in my woods and it has some really tight sections and turns that you cant take your fingers off teh clutch lever with out stalling it. but i was able to overcome that on my 426 (with out compression mod or any of that non-sence) with working the clutch like wow and ripping like a 30ft roost into the kids behind my on 85's and hold on!! and yes it conditions your hand, it hurts after a few laps not arm pump but my hand hurts from pulling the damn clutch so much in such a little amount of time

I ride a 426 and I get the same problem from the finger muscles working that stiff clutch so much. It beats falling down though.

Aftermarket pipe and a quickshot will help on the bottom end bogging.

tricked out my 426 for woods riding, had the same problem in sandy berms until i added some weight to the flywheel, seems to help the stalling issue

In order to bump start an early YZF still equipped with manual decompression, the procedure is the same as it was for all 20th century thumpers:

>Pull the clutch

>Pull the compression release

>Leave the throttle completely closed and release the clutch (assuming you are still moving)

>Once the engine is turning, ease off of the release, and carefully roll the throttle open just a bit. As soon as the engine catches, pull the clutch.

It takes practice

OTOH, if you do the Decompression Cam Mod listed in the Common Threads sticky, the procedure goes like this:

>Let off the brake.

> If the rear wheel stays locked, flip the clutch

Just like a 250 2T. Much simpler.

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