99 throttle stop part #

I checked the archives for the 99 WR throttle stop part#, but was unable to locate.I would actually like the YZF part #. Can someone help me with this? My dealer wasn't able to help me. In a previous post I talked about a broken throttle plate. From what I've read, this will happen again w\o a throttle stop screw. I bought the bike used and the owner says all of the updates were completed. He just forgot to mention he prefers to remove and not cut parts down to size.

Thanks in advance,


5JG-14591-00 will do the job, costs about 10 bucks but is a no brainer and will do it right

Thank You for the 411. I will order tomorrow.

I need to order the throttle stop for an '02. Will that part number still work?


Just got back from the dealer. The computer is showing that part number for both the 2002 YZ426 and the 2002 WR426. Any other part numbers to look for?


I put it in my 2002 WR 426 and it works great. I didn't pull the air cleaner inlet to look down the carb throat, but I pulled the screw out completely and noted how much throttle shaft rotation I got with no screw installed. Then I put the new screw in and noted I got almost as much rotation as with no screw installed so within production tollerances it has to be right. I then got my first lesson in how hard it can be to start a totally flooded wr!!! Also when you hold the stock wr screw along side the yz screw the difference is huge - about half an inch!!!!Just do it, Mark

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