2002 YZ426 Question.....

Today i was riding my '02 YZ426 and when i was in fifth gear it started surging, kinda like the clutch was slipping...first through fourth were fine...any ideas?????

Does the surge occur under a load, and get worse the heavier the load is? And it only happens in 5th, yes?

Yeah the surge is more noticeable with a heavier load and yes it only happens in 5th gear

The locking lugs that hold 5th gear engaged (I believe it's the 3rd speed gear that does this) are worn, and the gears are slipping out, and then slamming back together under a load. This will also damage the shift fork when it happens. Minimum two gears and a shift fork.

Thanx for the help man..much appreciated:thumbsup:

Will riding without using fifth mess anything up?

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