650L Front Brakes

I have bleed the brakes numerous times both the normal way and by back filling them with a syringe and still can not generate much in the way of braking power. What would be the next step in trying to get things figured out? Could the master cylinder need a rebuild? What would I look for in order to figure this out? Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

you could try stainless brake lines and some better pads or maybe better brake fluid, where in WI are you?

Already swapped out pads and did a complete flush and refill on the fluid. The brakes have never been all that good since I bought the bike late last year. I am from West Bend.

Try a stainless brake line made quite a bit of difference for me.

my bike came with the ss lines so I cant really say if they make a dramatic change maybe the master cylinder needs to be rebuilt you could swap the master cylinder for one from a street bike that has to run dual rotors,I would think that it would push more fluid,just some ideas,I'm from manitowoc,and do alot of riding up around crandon and parish.

Stainless is the way to go, the OEM brake lines expand waaaaaay too if you are serious about braking power. The stainless steal braiding keeps those brake lines from expanding when pressure is applied to the brake. In other words it is a much more solid feel at the brake lever. Hope this helps, OZ

Those of you that have replaced front line with a SS where did you get them from and what brand? TY

galfer brake lines,my bike came with so I cant help you with where to get them.

Try Motostrano for brake lines and rotors.

Stock rubber line expansion is the Honda Abs system of the 650L. Cheap and reliable system... Russel (An Edelbrock company) also sell SS line for the 650L. I have the Russel front line and it makes a very nice improvement. And eliminate the honda abs system.


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