bike sometimes stalls when going wide open

I am new to the forum and would appreciate any help I can get. I have a 2002 yz426f. Recently, I was riding and at low rpms when I try to go wide open fairly quickly the bike stalls or almost stalls out. What is the problem? Is it anything to worry about?

Its called boging when and its happens to me once in a while its happened today but i was running rich becuase i rode my bike after i cleaned the air filter bad idea :worthy: but its nothing really big to worry about and i know of a couple ways to stop it frome bogging u can put a boysen quickshot accelerator pump cover i heard that helps and also there is a free mod u can do ur self to make it quiet bogging but i forget what it is if u really whant to know what it is called i could look it up for u real quick just pm if u whant to know more hoped i helped and good luck :ride::thumbsup:

Had the same problem with my KTM the other day. I changed the plug but I really think I got some bad gas. No problems since I changed plug and gas.

ambient Temperture is warmer, lean out your jets, your main jet is too rich

Ok. thanks for all the info.

sounds like a lean stall to me. Not enough fuel delivered fast enough by the AP squirt so it dies. I have heard wiring the AP helps. If it were to bog you would hear a "whooa whooa" noise first. If it's a lean stall it just dies when you blip the throttle W.O. try rolling on the throttle. I find the lean stall happens when the rear wheel has little traction. I have done this many times in mud trying to roost the guy behind me.

I had tahat problem on my 06 450f>>> went up to a 48 pilot stayed with my 165 main and put the clip on the jet needle in the #4 position!!!!! That cured the bog

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