Am I off a notch? Question about timing

I have an '06 WR450. After adjusting the valves and putting things back together, something doesn't look quite right to me. In trying to get the timing marks aligned as specified in the manual, the punch holes just seem a little high on both sides to me. I'm sure someone with know-how can look and tell me if I'm just imagining it or am I off one tooth on the cam chain somehow. Here is small pic and here is a larger view of the same thing. (I just fixed the previous broken links to the pics--sorry about that.)

It looks pretty close to what I'm used to seeing. It's a little tough to tell from the photo since it was taken at a slight angle which has induced some parallax error though.

looks ok to me.

Looks to me like its one tooth off........can you post a pic from the other side?

Here is a pic from the opposite side. Thanks.

Here is a pic from the opposite side. Thanks.

Yah your off a tooth, the intake lobe looks to be advanced one tooth too far. Both visible lobes in the photo should be at exactly the same opposite slants, if you will, about like the exhaust cam lobe is shown now.

Thanks. I got rotated the intake cam and it all seems lined up right now.

So this model should have 14 pins between cam marks? My WR400 looks to have the same ex cam and I am having problems with the timing so would I need 14 pins as well?

Your timing is dead on. 13 pins WR, 12 pins YZ. Cam lobes are correct, run that puppy!

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