Engine Coolant / Did I Mess Up?

I changed out my radiator coolant today to a motorcycle specific brand called Liquid performance with the propelyn glycol formula as opposed to the standard coolant. Didn't do my research and now I keep reading opinions stating that standard coolant actually transfers heat better, just boils a little quicker. Should I have left well enough alone and am I more likely to do damage to an engine by running this newer formulation or should I even worry about it now that I have changed it over to this new kind?:thumbsup:

Actually, plain water transfers heat better than either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol mixes. But as far as your concerns, I doubt you have anything to worry about as long as you don't run the mixture at more than 50% coolant (assuming it was not a ready-to-use product). I run Engine Ice, which is a PG coolant, and have no problems with it.

That particular product was already mixed with deionized water. All I did was flush out old and pour straight into the radiator.

Should be fine.

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