Oil Level ???

I pulled the oil dip stick on my 07 YZ450 and thought id check the level before i went riding tomorrow. To my suprise it was barely touching the stick. So i was reading in my manual and it says to let the bike idle for 3 minutes before you check the oil. I am very confused because i thought you were supposed to check it when it was cold??? So what is the correct way?

you know whats funny?To get the amount from the owners manuel which i cant remember what it its.The amount during oil change w/filter i have never got that out of the bike.Every time i do a change w/filter i'm right on the money on the stick.

Oil has to be warm.

Run the bike to get the oil circulating, shut it down and check

On my 07 I always wait about 30 seconds because the oil will sometimes bubble out of the dipstick hole. Also don't forget you have a check bolt under your gear shift lever which you can use to determine proper oil level in case you put in too much.

yeah you have to warm it up for a true reading.

You are checking the oil in the oil tank. The oil in the tank will bleed down into the crankcase over a period of time. Then when you start the bike, it gets pumped back to the tank. It doesn't have to be warm, just circulated to get everything back to running conditions. The 03-05 had the oil tank in the frame, same deal, run it and then check it. Now the oil tank is in the engine but it's still an oil tank. How annoying is it that the dipstick on the 06 and 07 is right in an area which collects dirt galore? I don't think the people who designed the bike meant for the oil to be checked often but rather changed.

like previous had said.. oil has to be warm.. let it idle for 5 mins before you check it...

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