The bike for me(yzf426)

Ok guys i have a few questions so bear with me.I am in the market for a new bike and i saw this buety in the classifieds. A 2002 yzf 426 in good condition. Its only 1800. So here are my questions.

1. Is it to much for me?

Im only 14 but i weight 190 without gear and am almost 6'3. I can bench 180 and squat 360ish. Will i be able to through the bike around. Is it a pig. Can i start it (does it have a automatic decomp lever.) I rode my friends 98 yzf 400 and it was heavy but i could muster it in a week or two.

2. Is it still competitive. I do track and trail. I don't race but it would be nice to know if i can hang with the locals. My buddies ride yz400,07yz450,05yz450,07yzf250,04yzf250,kx250,rm125 and ktm 520.

3. Is it a good price.

4. what should i look for.

(its the weight that is concernig me)

oh yeah i coming of a crf250(x) converted to R

I want a full on motocrosser.


opps in the wr section sorry ill post in the yz.

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