Bike for me(426)

Ok guys i have a few questions so bear with me.I am in the market for a new bike and i saw this buety in the classifieds. A 2002 yzf 426 in good condition. Its only 1800. So here are my questions.

1. Is it to much for me?

Im only 14 but i weight 190 without gear and am almost 6'3. I can bench 180 and squat 360ish. Will i be able to through the bike around. Is it a pig. Can i start it (does it have a automatic decomp lever.) I rode my friends 98 yzf 400 and it was heavy but i could muster it in a week or two.

2. Is it still competitive. I do track and trail. I don't race but it would be nice to know if i can hang with the locals. My buddies ride yz400,07yz450,05yz450,07yzf250,04yzf250,kx250,rm12 5 and ktm 520.

3. Is it a good price.

4. what should i look for.

(its the weight that is concernig me)

oh yeah i coming of a crf250(x) converted to R

I want a full on motocrosser.


1. no it shouldn't be too much for you as long as you take it easy and don't tempt it to buck you off (thottle happy on first ride). i can whip mine around as if it were an 85 and im only 15 5'8".

2. yes it is still very competetive. i burn the hell out my brothers friend on his 04 crf450 and my friend on his yz450f.

3. yes that is a very good price as long as it is in good condition and all the bearings are tight. i got my '01 for $2000 at my local shop and it was like new with over $2k into atleast when i picked it up.

4. you should check for the wheel bearings front/rear, the head set/steering stem bearings (neck of the bike) and all the other bearings especially the swingarm and linkage/suspension. ask the owner (if you are buying it from him) if he has ever checked the valve clearence and if he has ever rebuilt the top end. check air filter and oil on dip stick as you are there, this will give you a good idea on how the owner maintained his bike.

hope this was helpful and if you have any other questions just ask and good luck. :thumbsup:


The more replies the better.

1. it shouldn't be to much for you as long as you take it easy. this thing is a beast and will kick your ass if you dont respect it.

2. yes it is still very competitive, i have both a 02 426 and 07 450 and it keeps up no problem.. the power is insane on the 02.

3. great price.. just make sure you completly look over it and ask alot of questions.

4. look over everything. check oil, check the air filter, check the bottom of the cases for leaks. check the chainwheels and chain for excessive wear, and most important start it up and let it idle for a few mins to see if anything abnormal appears.

i hope this helps..

the most important thing is ask questions.

1. No its is not to much just take it easy at first and get use the power i am 6'2 190 and its is tricky at first to start the bike becuase it don;t got auto decompresion but its very simple to start and later on u can get the yz426f hot cams that come with auto decompresion.

2. The bike is extremly competive u well be able to beat all ur buddies at a drag race.

3. Its is a very good price i got my 2001 yz426f for 1500

4. U should check the bearings make sure u hear the engine make sure it sounds good

Hope this helps and good luck :thumbsup:

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