MotoCache - Landers CA

Hey Ron, I have the next few week-ends off. What say we get together with Dan and plan a ride? Paul

Hi Paul.

How's Josh? Riding sounds great, let me see what I can do. The schedule is tight for the next few weeks but ya never know.

Dan knows some good loops out there and I've missed a lot of opportunities to ride with him lately. Besides, I want to see these coffee cans he was talking about.


Ron, Josh is recovering. He will be out of action as far as riding goes probably until next year. They said he can go back to work in about 3 months or so. He is getting bored. But, we are all telling him to just take it easy and let things heal up. I think this put the fear of god into him so he is listening. :)

Lets try to get a hold of Dan and set someting up. After the next few weeks my windows of opportunity start drying up as we will be getting really busy at work and I won't be able to venture too far away. I'll try to send him a private message. Talk to you later, Paul


Wish I lived out there. I would really like to give this a try.

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Any chance you might come out to Missouri and setone of these up for us? :)

Looks like you put a lot of work into this.

You guys better not be teasing me!! I tried to mark the coffee cans on Sunday but it got really,really cold and dark and started to snow on us so we decided not to go any further. Good thing too, I was freezing. We should just set a date late in Feb. and just plan on it. Otherwise it'll never happen. I'll be busy with my Laughlin race for the next couple of weekends but after that we should go riding.

Hey Dan, I sent you a private message. Paul

Ron, Tis looks really cool. Hope to try it in the next few weeks. I would guess that coming up from that side that snow and ice shouldn't be a problem?

Dan and Paul, I am definitely out for any rides anytime soon. I will PM you guys today. When it rains, it pours. Blah! I am beginning to think I should just sell the bike before I wake up one day and its about as modern as a Hodaka Combat Wombat is today. :)

Speaking of PM's, I have a few that I have not had the time to respond to yet, and I apologize for being rude and not responding to those who have sent them to me.

Rich, the ice can be a problem once you get above 6000 feet, but at least you can turn around and play in the desert if it is bad. Mountain fire roads are no fun when they are iced over. I hope you give it a try after some of the recent ice melts. There are lots of trails to play on in the lower elevations if you encounter ice up top.

Darin, luckily I had most of this work already done from a long time ago when I was into mapping trails using GPS track logs and mapping software. I was going to be in the Landers area last weekend and thought I would stash the maps while I was there. Why not, right? Besides, this kind of thing gives me something to do when I can't sleep at night. I may be in the Kirkwood MO area soon. Should I bring my GPS? :D

So what brings you to St Louis Ron?

If you happen to drag along your bike :D I can take you to Chadwick for some great fun in rock climbing. :)

No GPS necessary.

My sister recently moved to Kirkwood and I was thinking of spending a visit this spring. Chances are I would be flying, so I'm not sure about the bike. Are you near Kirkwood?

Originally posted by Ron in SoCal:

the ice can be a problem once you get above 6000 feet

Snow and ice is a real problem now. It has snowed here the last two days. I'm sure they got at least a couple of feet up there now. And to think that when I was a kid I used to like to play in the snow!!!



No actually, Im about 3 hours southwest from St Louie.

If there is a chance you could get your bike out or happen to drive out (I just done the 1,800 mile trek. Its not that bad :) ) Let me know and I'll take you down to Chadwick for a day.


If you guys don't mind a little company, I'd love to ride along! Would be great if Ron could make it, though. My only limitation is Feb 16,17 (club enduro). If timing does not work out, I'll have to wait until another weekend. Looking forward to meeting all three of you gents at some point.


Dan from HB, I sent you a private message. :)


Can you post caches that we come up with on that same website? I have one that I was trying to put together.

Got an email from that they will soon be adding icons so that you can seperate/identify different caches. Like, show me off-road caches.


[ January 31, 2002: Message edited by: hodaphile ]

Thanks, Paul. Got it. Check your inbox.

Dan C


I would be happy to post the information that you or anyone else comes up with. Not a problem whatsoever. Anyone can e-mail me info at and I will do my best to post it in a timely manner. I'm stoked that you want to do it!

Do you think posting these things on is a good idea? I am concerned that someone will not like this idea and might mess with the caches. Many of the folks on seem to be a little left of center, you know - the granola gang, and might think it is their duty to destroy anything that has to do with off-road fun. Maybe I am just paranoid.


Good point Ron. I hadn't considered that possibility. If the ride were long enough then they couldn't get to the endpoint to do damage. But I really liked your way of storing things at the beginning. Also I hate the idea of them finding places that we enjoy! I wish they didn't have all this time to screw around with others, I sure don't have enough time to screw with them!

Couple of things we could try:

Maybe Thumper could add a cahing forum/site.

Could set a 3-5 begining stage before we put anything out.

Could add a "fudge" to the initial stage that confuse greenies. Like maybe they have to name the first American to win a GP? Then deduct that year from the base coord?

Good points guys. I would not trust the BLM Rangers (sellouts) either. Those guys have been at war with the local sheriff's up here and they act like they have something they have to proove.

I'm not sure what the issue is but I have seen them patrolling around my neighborhood lately. I've lived up here for five years and never seen them around.....ever. They have me so paranoid that I evem put my spark arrester back in!!!


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