MotoCache - Landers CA

Ron in SoCal,

Since Kennedy Meadows is on fire, I think I'll try your Landers to Big Bear motocache ride this Friday. One question for you though, what 3D mapping s/w are you using? It looks a heck of a lot better than MapSource's Topo.

Thanks for posting this.


Thats My backyard.... Shows the lil town i live in on that map.. Its a beautiful ride , just make sure you bring lots of water .Has been upwards of 108 in the high desert. Humidity has been bad also. BEWARE of the CHP in Big Bear!!!!

Good luck guys and have fun!!


I nominate Ron for the "Oldest-Message-That-Was-Resurrected-Many-Months-Later" Award.


I nominate Ron for a re-surfaced after long absence award. Still doing the video stuff? Been visiting TT sparsely myself too.

Wow. I have been away for awhile, and have not been here in TT for way too long. So today I am trying to catch up on everything and here is this old thread. Whatdoyaknow.

Did you do it Scott? I am not sure if anyone has tried this. I hope someone has taken a crack at it.

The mapping software used on this project is DeLorme TopoQuads. It is not the best as far as ease of use, but the maps are okay. Check it out at:

I have been thinking about doing more of these motocaches, and will probably create a website where anyone can enter places to ride. Hummmm, reading this just makes me think a little harder. If people will do it, so will I.

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