Brake rotor for 650L?

Has anybody found an oversized rotor kit (not supermoto) for the 650L? Or maybe found a rotor that stops better than the stock?

EBC makes one! I believe you can get them from xrs only.

I couldn't find one at XRs only. Or anywhere else that sells EBC.

Ive looked at EBC website and couldnt find one for my xrl only ones ive seen on here were SM bikes and they had different front wheels When you find one STEVE let me know

looked there also didnt see one for the XRL just the XRR

Check out Motostrano,

This is a 260mm which is slightly bigger than stock. Needs a brake relocator which they also sell. The XRL is not listed but the rotor and relocator for the 600 should be a straight swap. Call them 650-780-9306 or send and e-mail and let us know what you get sorted out.

You could of course go with the 320mm...probably best with a wider tire.

They also have a stainless brake lines. I have seen posted that the front makes a big difference, but the difference on the rear is less noticable.

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