throtle twist grip mod

Got the idea from this site to increase the diameter of the throtle tube cable pull to reduce the rotation required for full throtle. I have reduced movement of my wright wrist due to a break many years ago, to get full throtle i have to twist my wrist as far as it will go and then start to drop my arm and shoulder, which is not ideal for bike control.I used a metal tube 36mm ID/ 4mm

wall / 8mm wide, cut out a section to fit around the cable anchors and giude slots on the throtle tube, the throtle housing has a lock stop whitch will need grinding off using a dremel / die grinder. Do not go any bigger on the diameter as there will not be enough free play in the cables, you will need to adjust cables to give more free play, this gave me about a 10 to 15 dereegs less rotation. There is a slight increase in effort whitch you will get used to, this makes the bike feel more lively, but more important i have full control of the throtle using wrist movement only. Try this at your own risk and Only if you are good at fabrication work it is not easy but worth the effort

You could also shop here if your not a good fabricator. A few people I know have these and swear by them. Good Luck either way.----WR Dave.

can we see a pic of this mod Andy?

thanks for the link

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