Discounted Sidewinder Sprocket/Chain deal in the making!! Who's Interested?

From: "VIC KRAUSE" <>

To: "NH Kevin"

Subject: Bulk Order deal on Sidewinder chains/sprockets for members.

Re: discount/deal on bulk order??

Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:17:34 -0600

Dear Kevin,

I would be glad to work on a special bulk deal for your guys.....vic


OK you TT'ers!

I would like a show of hands ONLY, for now!

I know they offer Titanium or Stainless or Aluminum rear sprockets.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS change out your sprockets and chain as a set!

I am running a smaller countershaft on my 99 WR (13 teeth?) and am VERY HAPPY :D with it.


DO NOT SEND ME E-MAIL in response to this :D

DO NOT POST A PRIVATE MESSAGE in response to this :D

This is just for a show of hands ONLY, and state what you are looking for.

:) REPLY TO THIS ONLY ON THE WR400/426 FORUM. :D INCLUDE WHICH FORUM YOU FREQUENT, for my own personal tracking.

It is too tough to jump between all the forums. If you post on another forum, you will go un-noticed!!

I WILL NOT be sending out anything individually, like the Kouba deals. There is not enough Celexa/Prozac in the world to control the anxiety that deal put me through. I do not know if this will effect our purchase position or not. Depends on the show of hands.

Do not reply if you think possibly, maybe, if it doesn't snow next week, if you hit the jackpot lotto, that you may be interested in this.


No Wannabee's PLEASE.

see @

Of course I am in on it!

Stainless rear w/ o-ring chain (e-ring?)

Me: ballistic, Suzuki forum.

interest: tool steel front, SS or Ti rear, Gold or Ti O ring.

comment: I would expect a substantial discount, like 25-35%. Just my opinion.

Me too. Saw it posted on KTM side.

I broke 10 teeth off of my rear sprocket this weekend so I need a set asap! Can you give us more info, such as what will the discount be and when we anticipate delivery? Also if you're not sending it out individually, how will we receive it (do we all call and order separately?). Thanks for all the work on deals like this!!! :):D

I frequent the YZF 426 forum and need the following (all stock sizes):

ti-moly rear

tool steel front

ti-series chain

1 extra master link


I have forwarded this link to Mr. Krause. All I know is what I have posted at the top.


You know I'm all over that! One thing I noticed, I didn't see any sprocket/chain combos listed (maybe I just didn't look close enough). This is how I purchased the set for my WR. I can't remember the exact discount of the combo vs. buying individually but I think it was about 15%-20%. Hopefully Vic is giving us a break beyond the combo prices. I would like a Ti O-ring chain, 2 extra links, Ti rear sprocket, and a 13 tooth counter. Depending on the pricing I may extra sprockets. And FYI, these are great chains and sprockets. If they're good enough for Robby K. they're good enough for me!


I'm from the WR forum and I'm in. Depending on discount I may purchase extras to cover different conditions. I would want either steel or Ti and whatever chain is the highest quality. I have looked at their website before and didn't think some information was really clear.

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I too would like to know how big of a discount we would get. I have never owned sidewinder products because they are pricey. But I am seriously considering it now. My CRF450 is eating sprockets like a fat kid on a twinkie. I would be most interested in the Ti-moly rear sprocket 50t, the Ti-moly chain with extra masterlink, and a 13t tool steel countershaft sprocket. I live over at the Crf450 site.

thanks for your effort :)

I'm in if its a big discount. Tool Steel front(14), Tool Steel rear(51),Pro-Series Gold(o-ring)chain,(1)extra link. THANX! ~Hitman~

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I'm interested in the titanium sprockets/chain set. I would like to know more from users on how they wear. My experience with titanium is that they don't perform well as bearing surfaces.



I am interested...


I'm in for it too, but it will depend on the discount...

Depending on the disccount, I could be interested in SS rear and quality front with oring chain. Thanks for the help with discounts :)

count me in...I am interested in the Ti chain/sprocket combo with an extra master link,for a Cannondale X440s

I would like the stainless sprockets and O ring for a 99 WR.


I would like a set for a CRF450 Ill give you the details when you get ready to order. I am on the CRF450 forum... Hal

stainless with o-ring chain would work for me. 01 WR426

count me in , im interested in the whole ti-moly kit for my crf 450. but we need a descent break, sidewinder stuff isnt cheap! hook a brother up!

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