Discounted Sidewinder Sprocket/Chain deal in the making!! Who's Interested?

my buddy ordered a blue sprocket from them a few years ago and they sent him a red one. he called to get a blue one and they said "I know we sent you a red one because we were out of blue ones".

he tried to get his money back-big fat NO!

tried to wait for a blue one- no time frame.

stuck with red forever.

he went through hell with those people and got nowhere fast. their customer service sucks but their s/s sprockets last forever.

F$%^ VIC!!


did you point out that your last project yeilded over 200 units?

Lets see... 200 x $80.00 average.= $16000.00 sale.

Net profit probably around 30%... hmmm around 5 grand profit. Not bad, better than nothing.

Lesson: small profit better than no sale at all.

Good deals = good PR.

*Still* no word from Krause?!?

hey that reminds me, i've got a friend in the moto shop business and i'll get up with him and see what he can do for us, about anything, all parts. normally he doesn't do discounts but at the volume we are talking about i'm sure he would be in! i'll get back to ya if i see him.

I put a $300.00 set of Ti-Aloy, SS chain, tool front and it lasted less than 4 months. Was getting approx 1 year with PBI aluninum rears and good o-ring chain. I sent them back my oem sunstar that lasted 8 months, the PBI that lasted ! year and their "wonder" stuff that lasted 4 months. They called back and said I could have a replacement set for $50.00. I told them If it wasn't free than don't bother. That they got money from me for two years worth of use and that didn't happen so they owed me that extra time for free. Nothing happened, and I now use PBI and ERV2 O-ring chain that cost me $130.00 and I know it will last over 1 year. For this TTer NO SIDEWINDER

until they get me another set for free that lasts longer than 4 months. My vote is don't!!!!

How about Renthal, PBI, AFAM, any others?

What do you guys think?


This Guy is full of nothing but himself....Lets cut bait and move onto something more substantial than this Oxygen Theif....

Bonzai :)

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I'll 2nd YAMAKAZE. I never used Krause’s stuff before, so I was looking at this as an opportunity to try them out at some kind of discount. They way I look at it, chains and sprockets are consumables. As long as I’m riding, I’ll need a new set sometime down the road. I have good results with all three brands you suggested. Count me in if a deal can be had – and thanks again for your efforts.

count me in if you get it worked out


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I've not had any experience with Mr. Krause or his products, so I'm going to stay neutral in all this. HOWEVER, I'm starting to question the level of his integrity since he has not made ANY attempt to reply to the many questions/concerns we have!!!???

I'm with you. I am here willing to give this a chance and plunk down some cash for their top of the line stuff but we haven't gotten a single reply yet. Makes me wonder what post-sales service would be like. If I haven't heard back by Monday afternoon I'm going to have to order some other brand so that I can get it in time to ride next weekend. Bummer..

Kev, I had a bad expierence with Krause about 10 years ago. But I was willing to put that behind and move on, but since it's not looking very good for us im okay with that too.

It's funny you mentioned AFAM, I've seen some good deals out their on their stuff as a package. If we could all agree on a standard package maybe we could get a smokin deal.

By the way, thanks for all of your hard work regarding these bulk orders, it doesn't go unnoticed and we do appreciate you looking into it.


I e-mailed AFAM Sunday night:

Good Morning!!

My name is Kevin D. Lysdahl. I am a member of Recently I completed a major transaction with Norman Kouba,, on his Pilot Screw T-Handle wrench. In two separate orders since November 2001, members have purchased ~ 350 of his nifty T-Handle wrenches. Norm had agreed to provide us with an impressive group discount and the response was overwhelming. So much in fact our last order from him wiped out his inventory of T-Handles!

I have been searching for businesses/distributors willing to provide a reasonable discount based upon a large, group purchase.

If you are not familiar with, this websight is "THE" websight representing 4 stroke motocross/enduro/dual purpose 4 stroke motorcycles. We presently have over 6000 members WORLDWIDE! This websight represents:


Honda XR 250/400

Honda XR600/650

Honda CRF250 (when it is released!!)

Honda CRF450 motocrosser

Kawasaki KLX/KLR 4 stroke single cylinder

KTM 4 stroke models

Suzuki DRZ 4 stroke models

Yamaha YZF/WRF 250

Yamaha YZF 400/426

Yamaha WRF 400/426

Exotic bikes (Husaberg, Husqvarna, VOR, Vermati, etc)

If you would be interested in negotiating a future deal, I would welcome the opportunity. We had been looking at another sprocket company, but some less than ideal history with this company has diminished the desire to further any negotiations.

Please visit our websight! We are very proud of our member network, and our numbers grow daily.

Please feel free to e-mail me at this address, or I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx late afternoon, eastern standard time.

Please note, I am not legally representing ThumperTalk Incorporated, nor am I affiliated in any way with Thumpertalk Management. I pursue these "deals" on my own accord. I do inform ThumperTalk Management of any pending negotiations.

I very much hope to hear from you!!


Kevin D. Lysdahl

Yahoo!! You da man! Do they make SS sprockets too, or just aluminum?



no word from AFAM or Krause :)

Hey Kev count me in SS front and rear 13 for front and stock rear with a good O-ring very good

Hey Kev,

After spending the weekend in the garage with my blue machine in pieces, I realized I need sprockets and a chain. Keep us informed on how your discussions go.

I'd be looking for:

14T Front

52T Rear

O-Ring Chain

Thanks bud,

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