Keeping my 426... upgrades???

I ran into a situation... I was going to buy a Husky recently, but the deal fell through... so after some contemplation i decided to keep my 426. I alraedy have a good bit of money into it, and it has never faied me... my question is, what upgrades have you 426 owners done that you felt very worth while???

Here is what i have already done:

All the free mods

FMF powerbomb/Q2

JD jet kit

protapers (too low though)

aluminum throttle tube (procircuit)

Here's what Im thinking about:

03 auto decomp cam

new upper tree

taller bar

lower footpegs (need advice here)

lukes 444 kit (when mine goes)

suspension revalve (need advice here too)


Please let me know what you think are the most worth while mods, and the brands you recommend...

Thanks all!!!!! :thumbsup::worthy::ride:

im wondering the same thing on the 444 bore kit i want more topend power cause i do alot of open field runs at full throttle so more power would be alsome.

Handguards for acerbis rally 2 i think they are called really good :thumbsup: was coming out of the forest on to the road and a cop was there:busted: and had to turn around and had to run in to a little tree and it smashed into the guards and luckly i had them or i would have no finger left :worthy:

First thing I'd recommend is doing your suspension. If you have never ridden a bike dialed for your weight, you my friend have NOT ridden a bike :worthy:

2nd on the list I'd go for the Decompression Mod. I recently did that and honestly don't know why the hell I didn't do it sooner. The easy cheap mod that will save us energy. Gotta love it almost as much as an e-start (like i'd know :ride: )

Anything you can do to make your ergo's more comfy then that's what I'd do next.

Big bore.... mmmmmm that sounds kinda nice :thumbsup:

Gut's tall/soft seat and higher bars.

lukes 444 kit (when mine goes)

I would do some compression checks and a leak down test to see what the cylinder condition is like and do this mod before yours "goes" as then you may need alot more parts than just the upgraded cylinder and piston. Definetly check out or freshen the bottom end before adding more horses on an older engine. My .02----WR Dave.

03 auto decomp cam Highly recommended. Beside being easier to start the YZ ex cam and WR in cam complement each other. Dyno tests show the mid range hit more mellow while it pulls harder top end. new upper tree If you are a tall rider IMO this is a good investment. I’m just over 6’ and a spacer and tall protaper bars make stand up riding much nicer. While doing this you may want to consider a Scotts. taller bar (see above)

lower footpegs (need advice here) I did the foot peg mod and it does seem to help some but if you have wide foot pegs the kick starter will hit. lukes 444 kit (when mine goes) (mine is stock so no help here)

suspension revalve (need advice here too) I think it depends on how aggressive you ride. When I first got my 426 I was just getting back into riding so I didn’t feel I needed to re-valve but I have become a little more brave (or stupid) and I’m seriously considering it.

If you do a lot of tight stuff you can’t beat the Rekluse!!

On your list of things to get I would reccomend the Suspension revalve and springs first. This was huge for me and made the bike a lot more fun. you will be more comfortable (longer rides).

You may want to consider a Steering Stababilizer. I have the Scotts sub mount which put my bars way up there. I love the bars being way up there stand up riding is now all day comfortable.

These mods were the best value for me. Now you will have to lay awake at night and plan your next mods.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.:thumbsup:

Thanks for all the input guys! Wr Dave what would you recommend for a bottom end freshen up? Or should I just make it easy on myself and send it in to be completely rebuilt (not that expensive)? I'm just not comfortable slitting the cases yet... I've only been wrenching my own bikes for about a year and a 1/2 now......

If your going to spend the money on the engine kit, then I would replace the crank and rod end bearings too. I'm sure you could find someone in your neck of the woods to help with that job for not too much $$$$.Also it would be a good time to go over the water pump so there is plenty of coolant to that new big bore. I struggled with if I should do these upgrades on my '02 WR but in the end a whole new bike won out. Again , this is just my .02--WR Dave

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