Hard starting with loud pop.

ok so i went to start my bike in the morning it was being a PAIN. I kicked and kicked and every 5-6 kickes it made a loud POP. Its an 07 yz 450 and i changed the pilot to a 45 and i have a 165 main and 2 turns out. What is making this loud popping noise?

Elevation? Temp? How is the plug? Did you give a it shot of gas? A little squirt of gas usually does the trick for me, when it seems like it "wants" to start.

My 06 450f pops loud if it is a cold day> like the 40's. But in order for it to pop I noticed I would have to kick it about 5 times and then if I got a good 6th kick in it would pop. After I figured that out I started giving it a quik twist of throttle a couple of times and it would start on the fourth or fifth kick with out the pop.

I've found that to start my bike after sitting a few days I first tip it to the side to flush the float bowl with fresh fuel. I then give it three or four twist of the throttle and a few nice easy kicks. If it pops I give it another twist of the throttle and it usually starts on the next kick. If you kick it too hard it spins the engine too fast and it over rides the auto decompressor. Just nice easy kicks. Oh yea, make sure you turned the fuel and choke on.

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