Fuel tanks RM/RMX

What's the size difference and will the RMX tank bolt up to the RM?

I'm replacing the tank on my '90 RM250 because the screw holes where the fender shrouds bolt up are stipping out. I need a bigger tank anyway, I could pick up an RMX tank cheap on ebay...:thumbsup:

There's a 1-gallon difference between the two. You will be able to use your existing seat and radiator scoops; bolts right on. It's just as slim as the RM tank, albeit 1" taller and a little lower.



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anyone know if this would work on an 94 RM250 as well? id love a bigger tank...

The seat is different, mostly at the tank and where it meets the side panels and fender. It can work but you will need to buy all the aforementioned and modify your tabs.

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