WR 450 Info?

I am looking to sell my CRF 450R for a WR 450F. I have a couple questions.

What are the differences between the 03-04 WR and the 05/06 bikes? I know that the 06 have the aluminum frame, etc. However, can somebody help me on the skinny on these bikes. Thanks in advance.

03 is not bad, a few little prolems, the 04 in my opinion is the best out of the lot, it is heavier and a little wider but it suits me.

My mates 05 is............... well he wishes he never sold his 04.

The 06 has very smooth power, I don't know much about it.

Having said that I would buy the lastest WR out there.

WE didn't get the aluminum frame on the WR 250 & 450 until 2007 not 2006.


I think I will prolly end up w/ a WR 450 also. I was planning on a '08 KLX450R but new circumstances have changed my mind and I have pretty much always rode yamaha's I might try and get a buddies '04 off his hands since he as his '07 now.

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